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From idea to website in 7 steps:

An introductory conversation

We will discuss your idea, internet strategy, wishes and plans. If you are interested in any of our systems like content management or custom built applications we will readily give you a demonstration. 


When your wishes are clear, and there is chemistry between our companies, we will present you with a detailed quote. 

Graphical design

This is the moment your website will come to life for the first time. We present our ideas for the layout and interface, after which you can make corrections and suggestions for improvement. 

Implementation and construction

After you have approved the layout we will start to develop the technical aspects of your website, and insert the content if you want us to. During this phase it is still possible to do minor adjustments to the look and feel of the site, and those often appear only when working with real content. 


Your website is now fully completed and ready for evaluation. We will inspect the website with you, and make any necessary corrections. 


After all changes have been implemented your website will be made accessible to the public. Web Chemistry will also add your website to indexes and search engines. 


Our work does not always end when the website is deployed. We will be available if you have any questions, and also be ready to add more functionality if needed in the future.