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Web Chemistry as a very diverse customer base. We work on short projects such a developing a single website, but also for ongoing projects that are under continuous development. Besides public websites we also supply customized systems that are used on intranets. 

Some of our clients:


EZpress ensures quick, reliable and dependable distribution of press releases.

Web Chemistry built a custom online system that allows customers to easily create press releases, and also handles delivery to journalists though a customized back end. 

Veilinghuis Peerdeman

Veilinghuis Peerdeman is a modern auction house in Utrecht, Netherlands. The website allows customers to examine objects in upcoming auctions. 

Web Chemistry built a custom back end for this website, and recenlty introduced a life bidding system that can also be used to offer items for online bidding only. allows you to easily buy boat tickets between Bali and the Gili islands online. 

Using the online check in system transportation from hotel to harbor and boat crossing are arranged in one simple action. Tickets can be booked from anywhere in the world with the online payment system. 

Bali Happy Tour

Bali Happy Tour has been offering tourist services on Bali for years. Besides day trips, it also offers flight tickets, chauffeured cars and other services to provide you with a pleasant stay on Bali.

By using responsive design tourists can always view the information and contact the company, also when traveling with just a smartphone or tablet. 


This year Mensa Netherlands will organize, in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam, the fourth edition of the Mensa SlimmerIQuiz: An intelligence quiz for students in grades 7 and 8.

Web Chemistry created a responsive website that is suitable for use on smartphones, popular with the audience. 

Prof. Barabas

Prof. Barabase is an experienced comic book vendor, offering comics, original drawings, gadgets and related products. They also publish 3 comic books series. 

By using our e-commerce solution they are able to display their very large inventory online accurately. 


GezondNL ensures the nationwide roll-out of Infrastructure of the Healthy Neighborhood and driver of realization of the required preconditions. 

Web Chemistry created an easy to use website with discussion options for visitors. 

Kijk op Wijn

KijkopWijn from Zeewolde, Netherlands sells an assortment of fine wines from selected wineries around the world. In addition, it organizes regular wine-related events such as tastings.

The website is frequently updated with new content and products, keeping in interesting for regular customers too. 

Fruitmasters Holland

Fruitmasters Holland is the commercial branch of the cooperative marketing organization Royal Fruitmasters Group, a sales organisation for Dutch growers.

They are the specialists that supply various hard and soft fruits year-round. 

Many more websites

On this page we only present a small selection of our work and clients. 

If you are interesting in websites that match your branche or want to see custom programming work in action, please contact us!